• Friday at Friday’s!!!

    Come see us tonight…nothing says Friday Night like a night out with your favorite Friday’s crew!!  We got what you want!

  • Military Appreciation Every Saturday

    Friday’s wants to say “thanks” by giving all military 25% off their meals ALL day and night on Saturday’s.  Thanks for all you do!

  • Endless Soup and Salad

    Enjoy Endless Refills of your choice of soup, salad, and breadsticks with a drink for only $6.99 !! Monday-Friday.  Sounds like a deal!!

  • 3 Courses for $12.99

    1 Starter + 1 Entrée + 1 Dessert = A deal you can’t turn away!

  • Jack Daniel’s Grill

    This season we,re taking tender USDA Choice Black Angus rib-eye and Norwegian salmon to another level. First, we marinate them in a home-made whiskey brine with hints of citrus, soy and ginger. Then, after each has been fire-grilled to perfection, we baste them in our smoky-sweet Jack Daniels sauce.